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We *heart* EDUC 515.'s Journal
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Thursday, November 10th, 2005
8:09 pm
The Hate Free Zone
After having the discussion in class the other week during the "Hate Free Zone" presentation, I began to think about the power that the government in this country has and how it uses its weight to intimidate who ever it sets its sights on. I really can't understand how we, as a country, re-elected Mr. Bush. Granted, he is just a puppet of all the politicians in Washington, but he is working very hard to create a country rooted in right wing conservatism, the complete opposite of what this county started out as. It's funny to think about how constricting freedom can when it is placed in the hands of a close-minded conservative.
Those stories were a testament of the extent that some will go to "protect" us from "evil doers". I am seriously embarrassed for those the left their homeland to escape persecution and then they get here and have to deal with it again. Only this time, they are teased with a thin vail of freedom that actually hides the agenda of this administration.
Those of us that believe in the foundation of this country should never stop fighting for the freedom that we believe is just under the surface. Freedom should be within reach for everyone who wants it, not just those that have the right color skin or style of clothing.
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